July 7, 2009

Decision on the horizon for Givens?

Hubbard (OH) Hubbard running back Andre Givens was one of the top offensive players in northeast Ohio. Last season he ran for over 1,400 yards and 18 touchdowns. With those numbers many schools took note, like the Syracuse Orange.

"I can't remember exactly when Syracuse offered, but it was during school," Givens said. "It was a good offer because they have history that goes back with their running backs. I was pretty excited about it."

Givens, 5-foot-10, 185 pounds was pleased to get the Orange offer and he liked what the Syracuse coaches had to say about him.

"They just like how I play and the way I hit the hole and how explosive I am when I get out there. I talk with Coach Drayton a lot and it sounds good. I checked them out and they are a very good school."

Speaking of running backs coach Stan Drayton the Ohio product is impressed with his recruiting coach from Syracuse.

"He is a cool guy, great guy. He is a straight forward coach he doesn't tell you any lies and keeps everything up front and he will tell you what is going to happen. If you are good he is going to tell you, if you need to work he is going to be there to tell you that also," Givens said. "That is what I like so much about him is that he is such a straight forward guy."

The Orange offer may not be as special to some players right now, but if you are a running back the New York school still sticks out.

"The running backs and everything like that. The history of the running backs is the first thing that pops in my mind when I think about Syracuse and the great tradition they have. From what I can tell it is a nice place. It is a top choice for me."

Since the Orange are a top choice has Givens narrowed his list down to a few schools?

"There are a couple schools. It is just like a couple Big East teams like Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Louisville, Cincinnati, and a couple of Big Ten teams. I have not tried to make a number one school yet, but it is getting close because I want to commit before the season starts."

Even though Givens is high on the Orange right now a visit has not been taking. A trip to Syracuse however is in the cards for the upcoming weeks.

"I have not made a trip to Syracuse yet, but I am going to soon though."

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