2013-2014 Class 4A Basketball Enrollment Breakdown

With the recent enrollment numbers being released by IAHSAA, there are some
major changes in regards to what teams will be playing in which classes.
Find out the winners, the losers, and more as we take a look at Class 4A now!
If the state does not make any changes from last year, the top 48 teams
will be playing Class 4A for the 2013-2014 basketball season. Here is a
list below of the teams that will be competing at this level and their
Class 4A
Valley, West Des Moines 2,036
Des Moines, East 1,707
Moines, Lincoln 1,589
Davenport, West 1,512
Teams hurt most by the change:
What teams were discussed in this class?
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Enrollment Numbers Breakdown
Class 4A - 4/2
Class 3A - 4/3
Class 2A - 4/5
Class 1A - 4/6
2012-2013 All State Teams
Elite All State - First Team - 4/4
Elite All State - Second Team
Elite All State - Third Team
Elite All State - Fourth Team
Elite All State - Fifth Team
Junior All State - First Team - 4/3
Junior All State - Second Team
Junior All State - Third Team
Junior All State - Fourth Team
Junior All State - Fifth Team
Sophomore All State - First Team - 4/7
Sophomore All State - Second Team - 4/1
Sophomore All State - Third Team
Sophomore All State - Fourth Team
Sophomore All State - Fifth Team
Freshmen All State - First Team - 4/5
Freshmen All State - Second Team
Freshmen All State - Third Team
Freshmen All State - Fourth Team
Freshmen All State - Fifth Team
2013-2014 Preseason Basketball Rankings
Class 4A
Class 3A
Class 2A
Class 1A
Top Player Rankings
150 in 2013
Top 100 in 2014
100 in 2015
Top 50
in 2016
2013-2014 Mr. Basketball Rankings
Class 4A
Class 3A
Class 2A
Class 1A
Top 50 Players in 2016
Top Point Guards in 2016
Top Wing Guards in 2016
Top Wing
Forwards in 2016
Top Power Forwards in 2016
Top Centers in 2016
Top Sophomores
100 Players in 2015
Top Point Guards in 2015
Top Wing Guards in 2015
Top Wing
Forwards in 2015
Top Power Forwards in 2015
Top Centers in 2015
Top Juniors
Top 100 Players in 2014
Top Point Guards in 2014
Top Wing Guards in 2014
Top Wing
Forwards in 2014
Top Power Forwards in 2014
Top Centers in 2014
Top Seniors
150 in 2013
Top Point Guards in 2013
Top Wing Guards in 2013
Top Wing
Forwards in 2013
Top Power Forwards in 2013
Top Centers in 2013