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2018-2019 Tri-Rivers West Girl's Basketball Conference Preview

Iowa Preps releases our full conference previews for the 2018-2019 girl's basketball season now!

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Top Players by Position - 2019

Top 50 Players in 2020

Top Point Guards - 11/7

Top Wing Guards - 11/8

Top Wing Forwards - 11/9

Top Power Forwards - 11/10

Top Centers - 11/11

Top Player Database - 11/7

2018-2019 Conference Previews

Tri-Rivers West - 11/9

Twin Lakes - 11/10

Upper Iowa - 11/11

Top of Iowa East

Top of Iowa West

Tri-Rivers East


South Iowa Cedar West

South Iowa Cedar East




South Central

Raccoon River

River Valley North

River Valley South

Rolling Valley

North Iowa Cedar East

North Iowa Cedar West

Northeast Iowa

Pride of Iowa


North Central

MVC Mississippi

MVC Valley

Iowa Star South


Little Hawkeye


Iowa Star North

Heart of Iowa

Hawkeye Ten



CIML Central


CIML Metro

Preseason All State Teams

5A, First Team - 11/8

4A, First Team - 11/9

3A, First Team - 11/10

2A, First Team - 11/11

5A, Second Team

4A, Second Team

3A, Second Team

2A, Second Team

Elite, Second Team

Junior, Second Team

Sophomore, Second Team

1A, Second Team

Elite, Third Team

Junior, Third Team

Sophomore, Third Team

1A, Third Team

5A, Third Team

4A, Third Team

3A, Third Team

2A, Third Team

Elite, Fourth Team

Junior, Fourth Team

Sophomore, Fourth Team

1A, Fourth Team

5A, Fourth Team

4A, Fourth Team

3A, Fourth Team

2A, Fourth Team

Elite, Fifth Team

Junior, Fifth Team

Sophomore, Fifth Team

1A, Fifth Team

5A, Fifth Team

4A, Fifth Team

3A, Fifth Team

2A, Fifth Team

Top Players by Position - 2020

Top 50 Players in 2020

Top Point Guards

Top Wing Guards

Top Wing Forwards

Top Power Forwards

Top Centers

Top Players by Position - 2021

Top Point Guards

Top Wing Guards

Top Wing Forwards

Top Power Forwards

Top Centers

Top Player Database

Early 2018-2019 Team Rankings

Class 5A

Class 4A

Class 3A

Class 2A

Class 1A

Top Player Databases

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Player Rankings

Top 50 Players in 2020

Top 50 Players in 2019