8-Man Title Game Preview

Don Bosco and MMC are the only two teams left with an opportunity to win the
8-Man title. Iowa Preps takes an in-depth look at both teams, players to
watch, and makes a pick of which club will be hoisting the championship trophy.
Find out who more now!
Don Bosco
Record: 12-0
Best Game of the Season: Don
Bosco 42, Clarksville 6
Worst Game of the Season: Don Bosco 30, Janesville 27
Offense: Jake Hogan has continued to shine more and more over the course of
his junior year while proving that 8-Man football is an excellent fit for him
overall. He has totaled over 3,500 yards this fall and his play was vital
in knocking off a Murray team that many........
Want to hear more on both teams and see who we feel has the talent to win the
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