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"It is David vs. Goliath matchup. We are going to have to do our jobs and see
if we can make things happen."
"I haven't really looked into them very much and I haven't watched any film
yet. I do know that they are undefeated so it'll be a great opportunity for us.
It should be a great game."
"They are very fast, quick, and physical up front. We need to come out with
everything we have. I know they'll come out firing because that is where they
lost last year."
"They are a good team obviously because they made it to the State
championship game. I think it is going to be a really good, tough game. I'm
excited to play with these guys. I hope it is as good of a game as everyone
thinks it'll be."
"I haven't seen any film on them but obviously _____ is a stud at
quarterback. That is the guy obviously we have to slow down."
"They are a big team that is physical and fast. I think it is going to be a
really tough game. We have to come out and all do our job. We have to focus on
defense and move the ball on offense. Special teams also have to be on point. If
everyone does their job, we have a good chance of winning the ball game."
"Their receivers do a really good job of blocking. Their running back is a
tough runner. Their quarterback has a pretty good arm."
"They looked really athletic. They spread the ball around and they have a big
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