Eads not shocked by changed

When the position of his head coach was cut due to a budget, Iowa City West
defensive back Tyler Eads had a feeling that his head coach could be
moving on from the Trojans.  That came out to be true and this soon to be
senior talked about it. 
"I thought it might be coming with his position being eliminated with the
budget cuts. We weren't for sure so it was kind of a surprise. We understand it
is best for his family and it is a cool high school in Oklahoma. I'm pretty
excited to see what kind of coach we can bring in. It should attract a pretty
good coach in."
Eads has worked hard on his skills this off-season and that included
competing in a recent Rivals Camp Series event.
"I feel it went pretty well. I saw some good competition. It was nice to do
some football stuff in the spring."
The off-season has allowed Eads to improve on a number of areas. 
"I feel I have gotten a lot more athletic and more explosive. I worked with a
speed coach and he helped me get more explosive in my movements."
Eads continues to sport a wide range of attention from colleges. 
"I have been to North Dakota State and they seem the most interested in me. I
got a call from South Dakota, UNI, Ball State, and Colorado."
Visitors have made the trek to West High School as well. 
"I know a coach from Wyoming and North Dakota State came by. A coach from
Michigan dropped off a few hand written letters and stuff for their camp."
Eads made a trip to North Dakota State and he speaks very highly of the
"I visited about a month ago and saw the Fargo Dome and their facilities. I
really like it. It is like the UNI-Dome but nicer. I think they are building a
new weight room and indoor practice facilities too."
He will be back to that same campus this summer for their camp.
"I'll probably go to North Dakota State, Iowa State, maybe Nebraska, and
maybe a few others."