FREE: Xavier James Talks UNI

Des Moines East athlete Xavier James ended the recruiting
process on Sunday by committing to Northern Iowa. Find out why he picked
the Panthers FREE in this article now!
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How was your visit to Northern Iowa?
"I think that Cedar
Falls is a great town. It is a nice college town and I felt really comfortable
there. I feel that they preach family a lot and you can feel that there. The
staff, the players, and the community is pretty together."
Did you end up committing on your trip?
Yeah, I committed
on my way driving back home. I called them back."
Why did you end
up picking UNI?
"The coaching staff was great up there and the all
of the supporting staff was really good people. Their football program has been
successful and I feel like it'll be a good fit for me."
What was
the highlight of your trip?
"I just liked how we went to the
basketball game and hung out with the guys after. I thought they were really
accepting. They told us how it was and I felt like they'd be good teammates for
me in the future."
What other schools were you considering?
"I had talked
to South Dakota and I was supposed to go on a visit there next week but I'm not
going. I talked to Iowa State for a while and all of the I-AA schools in
What position are they recruiting you at?
"I was recruited
as an athlete. It will be either receiver or defensive back."
Do you have a preference
at all?
"Not right now. I have always liked offense but I'm pretty
open to anything."
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