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This week's recruiting updates: Landon Carney, Mitch Steger, Tanner Clayberg,
Corbin Woods, Mark Ward, Craig Murtha, Casey Schlatter, Nate Boland, Trevor
Johnson, Ben Taylor, Brennan Thompson, and Dylan Spieler.
Xavier linebacker Craig Murtha
College football
"I really don't know if I'll play in college but I'm
definitely considering it. I got track season coming up and I got to prepare for
that. We'll see how everything turns out."
Playing sports in college
"Overall I think it'll come down to if I find a place where I'm comfortable at
and that I want to continue playing at. I want to see the campus, the players,
and the chemistry on the team."
"At this point, I'm hearing
more for track than football. I'm looking at Carthage, St. Thomas, St. Louis,
and UNI. I haven't done much for football but I am still interested in playing
in college. We'll see how everything plays out now that the season is over."
A sporting preference
"I don't really have a preference. Football has
been a passion of mine but I've enjoyed track a lot. It is hard to tell which
one I like better."
"I've done a few visits to see their campus
but I haven't done any for sports. It has been academics since they are more
important in my final decision."
A favorite
"My top schools right now
are St. Thomas University and the University of St. Louis. Those are my top
schools. I can't say one is better than the other right now."
Dyersville-Beckman athlete Mitch Steger
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