Johnson ready to prove people wrong

FREE! West Marshall linebacker Jared Johnson knows that his
team lost some serious talent due to graduation. That is not stopping this
talented junior from believing that they can prove people wrong heading into the
"I think we'll do a lot better than people think. I feel people underestimate
us. Our offense will change a lot more so people won't know what we'll be
Individual camps were not something that Johnson was able to get to.
"We went to a 7-on-7 passing game but we didn't do very good. We were trying
to get to some padded camps but baseball got in the way of that."
Johnson is counting down the days until the 2014 season officially kicks off.
"I'm pretty excited. It is one of my favorite sports."
There are some keys that could help West Marshall compete for another
district crown.
"We need to be confident and be able to do our jobs well. It is most mostly
The season opens against a solid opponent in CMB.
"I know we played them when I was in junior high. They are probably at about
the same level as we are. They are a good team to start with."