Onken learning from mistake

FREE! Norwalk defensive end Sonny Onken has proven to
be one of the top football players within the Class of 2016. This talented
junior is maturing as he grows older but a mistake last fall will cost him time
on the field this year.
"I won't be playing because of our playoff game last year. I'll be at the
fall fest but can't play in that game."
Onken is still doing what he can to help the Warriors win this game.
"It is extremely frustrating but I'll have to deal with it. I can't do
anything about it now. I have to face it and move on. I'll help my teammates the
best I can."
He may be sidelined for this game but Onken has been working hard on the camp
circuit during the summer.
"I went to Nebraska, Iowa, and Iowa State for camps this year. I did
pretty well but hopefully I can do better in the testing at my high school. It
should show that I've been working at Acceleration Iowa."
Onken had a lot of good things said about him during the camps.
"I got positive feedback and never heard anything negative. I was used as an
example to show most of the defensive ends and outside linebackers on most of
the drills."
The camps are something that Onken can help him this fall on the recruiting
"I'm not really for sure. I don't know a whole lot. We hope that the camps
helped get my name out there and that they can watch my film this season. That
is all I know."
Onken named three schools that have touched base with him at this point.
"I got a letter from Simpson and Central. I also got a letter from Iowa State
but it was one of the letters that they send to everyone."