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Just my predictions of matchups for playoffs, any comments on winners and matchups?

1st Round

#4 North Cedar vs #1 Regina
#3 West Branch vs #2 Clayton Ridge

#3 Tipton vs #2 Wilton
#4 Sigourney Keota vs #1 Maquokota Valley

2nd Round

Regina vs Clayton Ridge
Wilton vs Maq Valley


Regina vs Wilton

Dome Bound  IC Regina in a close battle over Wilton 28-21
10/6 9:44 AM | IP: Logged
fbgooroo, how does a Wilton team lose in a "close battle" to go to the Dome? When they basically played an even game with West Branch the entire second half and West Branch possibly wins that game if they don't make all the mistakes they did!? Lastly, do you recall the score of the West Branch / Regina game?
10/6 2:04 PM | IP: Logged

Guess we'll find out this week when Regina comes to Beaver Stadium?
10/6 4:48 PM | IP: Logged

I guess!?
If you go by the data so far this year, Wilton doesn't beat my Clayton Ridge team, Maquokota Valley or Regina!
Is that really the actually name? "Beaver Studium"! Really?
10/6 5:39 PM | IP: Logged
If you go by the data so far this year then Wilton would beat Clayton Ridge and Maq Valley. West Branch isn't a bad team and certainly playing at the Lil' Rose Bowl was going to help them. Not many games are lost there each year. If you want to play the score comparison game Tipton and CR both beat Durant by 16 and Wilton beat Tipton by 24. If I were a Clayton Ridge or Maq Valley fan the last thing I would be doing is handing out extra motivation to opposing teams.
10/6 6:33 PM | IP: Logged
Dont be suprised if District 6 cleans house and wins all the 1st round games, WB and SK are both good and legit teams. I think D5  #1 and #2 teams will be in a dog fight with D6 #3 and #4 teams. Beaver Nation!
10/6 7:31 PM | IP: Logged

Not a chance on either statement, you will see either CR or MV against Regina in the quarter final game.
10/6 9:37 PM | IP: Logged
Regina at Wilton is going to be a great regular season match up this week.
10/6 11:35 PM | IP: Logged

maybe for the first quarter or two.

10/7 3:15 PM | IP: Logged

Never underestimate a Pederson coached team. Lance will have his boys ready to go and I am sure his Dad shared his insights as well.
10/7 5:34 PM | IP: Logged

Come on CIDHawkeye!
Your sandbaggin!! That Regina team of yours is young and gettin better every practice and every game! You honestly think it is going to be a good game!? I gotta tell ya I don't think our boys at the Ridge are looking forward to playin'em in the playoffs!?
10/7 7:00 PM | IP: Logged
Better worry about MV before talking about Regina. Duke you and the ridge got a tough road ahead
10/7 10:01 PM | IP: Logged
CID:  Not sure why they'd worry about MV, as they have already played.

Duke:  I highly doubt you are an Eagle fan; just somebody supplying message board fodder. My challenge to see if you truly are, please tell me who the regular five offensive line starters are for Clayton Ridge, and if you're lucky enough to get those five, tell me which ones have missed games and who they were replaced by.  This isn't something you can get from Quik Stats.

Prove me wrong.
10/7 10:36 PM | IP: Logged
Why worry about MV? They played earlier and MV won, that would be a team that I worry about. If Ridge had won easily I probably would tell you not to worry so much.
10/8 8:18 AM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by Duke1983:

Come on CIDHawkeye!
Your sandbaggin!! That Regina team of yours is young and gettin better every practice and every game! You honestly think it is going to be a good game!? I gotta tell ya I don't think our boys at the Ridge are looking forward to playin'em in the playoffs!?
I am fairly certain Wilton is looking forward to playing Regina as they should be.  If you're only playing the game for the easy games you're not really playing.  What ever happened to "they put their pants on same way we do?"

10/8 11:09 AM | IP: Logged
Cid,  I understand what you're saying, but why worry about a game that has already been played (it was an incredibly exciting game by the way)?  CR lost the game and now only is worried about Tipton this week.  North Cedar will be the thought for next, and MFL Mar Mac the week after.  

Duke (who claims to be an Eagle fan) may worry about Regina and others, but I can tell you that all CR does is worry about the opponent at hand.  They want to be 1-0 each week and do not look past and/or forward to anyone.  Coach Breuer is very good at making sure the boys are only focusing on one opponent at a time . . . as it should be.
10/8 12:28 PM | IP: Logged

West Branch as #3 seed traveling to the Ridge again is what I was hoping for. The Eagles have never beaten the Bears and the Bears have always ended our season in those games. However, that is going to be a tough matchup I dont care what Coach Butch says. WB is always a tough team to beat even if they are on the road.

I say CR wins by 1 TD.
Helle and Preston are a tough matchup. I am a bit worried about Tipton this week though too.
Gonna be fun going down the stretch!
10/8 12:58 PM | IP: Logged
Hey Goeagles23, could you tell me who the regular five offensive line starters are for Clayton Ridge, and tell me which ones have missed games and who they were replaced by? But don't tell Craignews! Because he doesn't think I'm a real CR fan!?
Thanks a ton!
10/9 6:04 AM | IP: Logged
While you are at it let me know as well. Never too early to get a scouting report started.
10/9 8:31 AM | IP: Logged
I'm not trying to start a war . . . I am simply saying that you don't seem to know much about the team for being a fan.  Anyone can go to Quik Stats and get names and numbers, but a true fan might know something about the guys in the trenches.  I'll tell you who all of the lineman are . . . not sure how that would give anyone a scouting report????  They are just names.

Duke and GoEagles supply lots of names and stats that are found easily on the internet, but don't seem to know much about the actual program.  

Lots and lots of message board fodder with very little substance is all I see.
10/9 9:16 AM | IP: Logged

unlike others, I have watched both Wilton and Regina play. So I am going to make a prediction based on the things I have seen, and not records and quikstats.  Regina has obviously cleaned house and won games big, but has anyone noticed that almost every opponent drives down the field on them the first drive?  Like, EBF, Alburnett, and Cardinal.  Alburnett scored the first touchdown.  EBF drove down to the redzone before shooting themselves in the foot on the opening drive, and as did Cardinal.  Essentially EBF ran It down Regina's throat.  Here is a stat for your book, Wilton allowed EBF to a combined total of 18 yards rushing in the first half.  Regina allowed that and then some on EBF's first drive.  And just to add another stat because they matter so much to you guys, Regina 42  EBF 12.  Wilton 44  EBF 0.   Regina 51  Cardinal 0.  Wilton 52  Cardinal 0.  Regina 42  West Branch 16.  Wilton 42  West Branch 28. Now you can say what you want about the Wilton West Branch game, but if you know anything about IHSFB you would know that that game has more riding on it than just a win or loss.  So, with that said, I have Wilton winning at home 42-28.  Someone prove me wrong.
10/9 11:13 AM | IP: Logged
I will take Regina and the points. Welcome to the board, hope you decide to stick around and contribute to the discussions. Do you think it is over early with Wilton dominating from the first drive like those other teams did or will it be back and forth with Wilton pulling away at the end?
10/9 1:18 PM | IP: Logged
I will also take Regina. On the total game points of 70, I'll go with under.
10/9 2:51 PM | IP: Logged
i have not been back to a game this year as i am in college and dont have the time or money to get back every week. i have seen wilton, west branch, regina, north cedar, tipton, and alburnett play. they are all gonna be in the playoffs i think.
i played with Antonio Armstrong, Cody Preston, Dakota Schroyer, Caleb Krapfl, etc. Don't ask my name because im not saying it on the internet. I could barely tell you anybody who is in HS anymore. I know #44 DP because his brother is a friend of mine. 
Kann was there last year but i heard he plays TE now because Preston was moved to RB? I am sure Moser and Kahle are in there, maybe even the Knudtson and Meyer kids as I hear they are tough sophomores.

I have not seen them play and I have not looked at any Quick Stats website. Just a guess from what my family has told me. I hope to get back if the Eagles play WB. This is the year the Bears get beat by the Ridge! They ended the season for us by winning 35-13 on their home field which is a pretty awesome place.
10/9 8:18 PM | IP: Logged
GoEagles23 I do not believe that you are from "The Ridge". If you played for Clayton Ridge last year then how did West Branch end your season on their home field when that playoff game was played in Clayton Ridge?
10/9 9:59 PM | IP: Logged
Eagles:  Gotcha.  Kudos on getting 3 of the 5 lineman.  

Moser plays RT, Kahle is RG, and yes, the sophomore Meyer starts at center.  Kris Ihde has moved from the backfield to LG.  LT is Matt Hansel.  They are really beginning to come together as a group.  Moser is being heavily recruited by the likes of Iowa, Iowa State, and Nebraska.  He received a personal invite to a Nebraska camp from Bo Pelini this summer.  Meyer won't quit growing . . . I believe he is up to 6'3 and is around 215/220 now.  Kahle moved from center to guard this year to make way for him.  Ihde is a great team player, as he showed by making the move to the line.

I won't ask your name . . . glad that you are still an Eagle fan.  Two tough games coming up with Tipton and North Cedar; hope the pigskin bounces our way.

Still don't believe a word Duke says :)
10/9 10:00 PM | IP: Logged
GoEagles23 I do not believe that you are from "The Ridge". If you played for Clayton Ridge last year then how did West Branch end your season on their home field when that playoff game was played in Clayton Ridge?

All of the people he mentioned graduated from Clayton Ridge 3 to 4 years ago . . . that is when West Branch ended their season in the Little Rose Bowl . . . 
10/9 10:04 PM | IP: Logged
I've seen several Regina games, but haven't seen Wilton yet. specialteams11 is right that Regina has given up some 1st quarter drives...but then they shut teams down. Why? Superior coaching. Regina can make the needed adjustments quickly. Most of the points Regina has given up was by the reserves late in the games.

I think Wilton will score several touchdowns though. I think it could be a good game. But, I think Regina's offense and exceptional coaching put them over the top.

I'd predict Regina 38- Witon 24.

This post was edited on 10/11 3:31 PM by Pinehawk

10/9 11:40 PM | IP: Logged
i meant my LAST year playing in HS. we lost at WB in a game that had 35 mph winds.
good try though.
10/10 8:04 AM | IP: Logged
Wilton just cannot hang with the speed and size of Regina.
I think the Regals win by 2-3 scores. Hetzler is a good QB for Wilton. He likes to run when he sees an opening, but Regina is always good at getting an LB to the edge to minimize those things.
10/10 8:07 AM | IP: Logged

CID- is Dixon back at full strength in the backfield after his injury? 
I saw in paper he had scored 2 rushing TDs  last week against Alburnett.  If he is full strength & Regina can work him and win the time of possesion they will walk away with this game.
Wilton will need Koy Snider bring his best game running the ball to keep the Beavers balanced to keep the ball away from ICRs Offense &  I'm not sure  Beaver O-line will be able to give Hetzler protection against Regal D for the Beavers to have a chance. 
10/10 8:41 AM | IP: Logged

Dixon looked pretty solid last week. I had some reporters there and they said as much, they missed some details but gave a pretty good recap.
10/10 12:28 PM | IP: Logged

Hey Craigsnews, I finally found it! The defination of "Fodder"(coarse food for livestock). Would you do me a favor and use smaller words!? This would allow me to answer your post's a lot fatser! I'm just a country- boy, I had a friend once that tasted fodder but he said it had very little substance.
10/10 5:02 PM | IP: Logged
I agree that this should be a great football game.  Wilton is at home and I think that they will do anything to make a statement and/or stay in the game.  They could be the most prepared football team besides West Branch, to play them this season. 
What I don't understand is this.  There is one TV station (KCRG 9.2) and KXIC, KCJJ, KGYM all covering the Iowa City West-Iowa City, City High game live.  Why?  Why can't the Wilton-ICR game or for that matter these games - North Cedar hosting West Branch; Tipton hosting Clayton Ridge among others be on somewhere?  Doesn't make sense to me.  I know that $$ dictates some of that, but c'mon, you can't watch the game, and listen to only one broadcast at a time.  Iowa City Regina is the top ranked team in the state for crying out loud, how many times have they been on the radio?  Why would you want to broadcast Regina-Alburnett, when a bigger game this week is on the schedule?  Makes no sense to me.  Thoughts?
10/10 5:14 PM | IP: Logged
The same complaints happen for Regina Solon every year, the radio stations don't work together to plan games, they go to the game of the week and IC high vs IC west is as big as it gets its just how it goes
10/10 6:46 PM | IP: Logged
I'm planning to head over and watch this game. Regina should bring a good crowd.
The Regals have faced a great running QB this season in Jacob Black from Solon and they handled him well. They have shut down them rushing game of most teams.
I have no doubt West Branch and Butch are helping Wilton prepare for Regina. But Regina will make adjustments and may come out with a few new tricks that opponents haven't seen yet.
Having Dixon back will be huge for Regina.
10/10 9:24 PM | IP: Logged
Duke- trying to help you understand :)
for all the "city folks"  Fodder is used to stimulate the Rumen in Cattle
rumen, which allows breakdown and digestion of the forages consumed by cows.




noun: fodder

  1. 1.

    food, esp. dried hay or feed, for cattle and other livestock.

  1. 1.

    give fodder to (cattle or other livestock).

10/11 8:18 AM | IP: Logged
Thank-you Cyard31;
I'm taking the Regals 42-14 tonight!
I would really like to see the West Branch game! I think that could be an interesting measuring stick/ game!?
10/11 9:54 AM | IP: Logged
The regina Wilton game tonight will be decided by the Regina offense. The defense is solid as usual but the offense has struggled at times. If know nothing about Wiltons defense but if they can hold regina to lets say under 21 then they have a great shot at winning. Last year regina moved the ball with ease against them and I think put up 35 in a quarter and a half, but like I said this years offense isn't as high powered for Regina. Should be interesting, I wont make a score prediction but if Regina doesn't turn the ball over then I think they will win the game.
10/11 1:50 PM | IP: Logged
I wouldn't say the Regina offense has struggled.  They have typically had a poor first possession, but then they get things going.  They've had the continuous clock running in each of their games so far.
They've often gone to the reserves for most of the second half, and the coaching staff tries not to run up the score when they easily could have in several games.

Regina was without their best running back for 2.5 games.  Having him back for tonight should be big.  
Regina doesn't have as good of receivers as they've had the past couple of years.  But, this team is deeper and younger than previous teams.  And, Drew Cook at QB looks to be getting better each week.
10/11 2:00 PM | IP: Logged
Has special team 11 been back?
10/11 3:21 PM | IP: Logged
Hey special teams11 a few guys proved you wrong. Coming back anytime soon?
10/12 2:26 AM | IP: Logged

New team out of D 6 joining the playoffs! Eddyville Blakesburg Fremont thumped SK at Sigourney on their Homecoming 23-0. SK out EBF in and will battle West Branch this week for the #3 seed.
10/12 11:55 PM | IP: Logged

FBgooroo, I'm thinking your Beavers don't meet Regina again this year!? That game Friday night sounds like it was a fairly large  beat-down!? Correct me if I'm wrong?
10/13 11:19 AM | IP: Logged
Wilton put up some yards, your boys at the Ridge would be able to run on Wilton. Regina took control on the first drive. It was as if they read this board and wanted to show they could have a good first drive
10/13 12:42 PM | IP: Logged
I was at the game, and I walked away convinced that Regina is head and shoulders better than anyone in the state, as long as Dixon is healthy. That kid is absolutely worth the price of admission; just a big play waiting to happen.
10/13 3:39 PM | IP: Logged
Congratulations to EB Rockets.  Well deserved.  
10/13 3:46 PM | IP: Logged
Eddyville win puts WB in the playoffs for sure.
I guess Butch saying they would finish 1-8 was a crock. haha
10/13 5:56 PM | IP: Logged

Yeah, Regina is the real deal once again, no on in 1A will compete with them till maybe semi finals or finals at the Dome!
10/13 8:04 PM | IP: Logged
I am looking forward to seeing Wilton from D6 going up against Clayton Ridge or Maq Valley second round, I think those have the potential of being great evenly matched games. If things go as expected we should see a rematch of last years second round match up between Wilton and Maq Valley, that should be interesting.
10/15 5:07 PM | IP: Logged
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